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What’s in the Hangover IV?

Everyone has their own hangover cure. While these may work eventually, you’ll end up waiting hours to feel any kind of relief. Our IV therapy for hangovers is specifically designed by our pharmacist to target even the worst hangover symptoms so you don’t have to waste time feeling awful. Our Hangover IV drip delivers this treatment straight into your bloodstream for quick absorption and relief.


You may be wondering how it works. Each component included in our exclusive Hangover IV treatment is used to target some of the worst hangover symptoms, including:


IV fluid: Drinking alcohol suppresses your body’s antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which normally plays a huge role in reabsorbing fluid back into your body. At the same time, alcohol acts as a diuretic, pulling fluid along with it as it is excreted. Even though alcohol consumption is fun, it can lead to some serious dehydration. Replace these fluids and electrolytes are step one to relieving your misery. The added benefit of doing this with Mobile IV Medics IV hydration is you don’t have to worry about drinking all of that fluid that sounds pretty terrible in your current state of nausea and/or vomiting.


Vitamin B complex: Since alcohol is a diuretic, it leads to the elimination of many nutrients in your body. B vitamins are fluid soluble vitamins and are some of the hardest hit in this process. This may leave you fatigued, with low energy and a foggy mind. Our B complex will get your levels back where they need to be for you to be sharp.


Vitamin B12: Cobalamin (B12) is subject to the same depletion as the rest of the B vitamins. B12 is also difficult for many to absorb when ingested, adding to the benefits of receiving it intravenously (IV). The addition of B12 to your hangover treatment should help you get your mind straight and some energy back.


Glutathione: Together with alcohol dehydrogenase, glutathione is directly responsible for the breakdown of the nasty alcohol byproduct and hangover substance called acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, your body starts to run out of glutathione when you drink too much, slowing the recovery from your hangover. Additionally, glutathione is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits the production of inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Interestingly, cytokine formation also increases during alcohol consumption. This means the boost of glutathione may not only help decrease the duration of your hangover but also treat your aches, headaches and pain directly.


Anti-nausea and vomiting medicine: Alcohol causes both irritation and inflammation in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This leads to the formation of both gastric acid and pancreatic secretions likely leading to nausea and if your unlucky (or consumed too much) some vomiting too. This medicine works directly in the areas of the body to block the transmission of signals in your nervous system that leads to an upset stomach. This medicine is very effective, so your nausea and vomiting should end quickly.


Anti-inflammatory, headache and pain medicine: Need something to take care of your aches, fever, headache and generalized pain and do so quickly? That is exactly what this anti-inflammatory medication will do by blocking the formation of certain inflammatory substances in the body which are increased after drinking. This is by far the quickest way to get your productivity back and, at the very least, feeling well enough to function.








Vitamin B complex: B vitamins, like pyridoxine (B6), can ramp up white blood cell production, ease nausea, and lead to a boost in energy.

Vitamin B12: Cobalamin (B12) boosts your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, as well as giving you an energy refresh.

Vitamin C: Known for its immune-boosting capabilities, adding antioxidant vitamin C to your IV drip may help reduce inflammation and irritation in your tissues.

Glutathione: As one of the most essential molecules for a healthy system, glutathione can inhibit the production of inflammatory molecules, both alleviating pain and helping you avoid catching an illness.


Magnesium: Magnesium comes with a host of benefits, including a healthy immune system, muscle and nerve maintenance, and a regulated heartbeat.

MIC & carnitine (counts as three add-ins): MIC (methionine, inositol, and choline) and carnitine can boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels, which are likely lower as a result ofdehydration.


Zinc: Thought to improve immune function and slow microbe reproduction, zinc can help cut down the duration of common bugs and keep you healthy.

Vitamin D: A fat-soluble vitamin, Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is critical for several roles in your body. Vitamin D is known to enhance the function of immune cells and optimize of the immune system responses which helps protect against pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Additionally, Vitamin D helps form bones and keep bones strong through the regulation of minerals in your blood.


Anti-nausea and/or vomiting medicine: Nausea can be another common side effect of dehydration. This medicine may help to block the nervous system signal transmissions that cause an upset stomach, quickly easing your nausea and vomiting.

Anti-heartburn and/or reflux medicine: Is your esophagus and heart causing you discomfort? This medication can help to temporarily decrease acid secretion in your stomach for some reflux relief.


Anti-inflammatory, fever, headache, and/or pain medicine: Medication infused into your IV drip may be able to help calm any inflammation, pains, and aches that frequently come alongside dehydration.


Amino Blend: A combination of essential and non-essential proteins to help boost metabolism and improve energy levels, increase endurance, and boost recovery. Additionally, these Amino Acids can be powerful to convert fat into energy while also serving as the building blocks for muscle, bones, and connective tissue.


LIPO: This is a combination of lipotropic nutrients help break down fat during energy (metabolic) processes these nutrients, methionine, choline, inositol, and carnitine promote the breakdown and transport of fat in addition to its utilization for energy. This may help provide you with the energy you need for recuperating and while also promoting the formation of muscle (lean tissue).


Tri Immune Boost: This is a power-packed immunity boosting blend made up of the nutrient’s glutathione, vitamin C, and zinc. This high concentration blend is the ultimate immune system enhancer to help maintain a healthy immune response.


Biotin: Biotin is a B-complex vitamin and is integral to producing strong, healthy hair and nails while it may also help with the prevention of hair loss. Also known as Vitamin B7, biotin is also involved in many key processes in the body including production of metabolic enzymes and cellular growth.


Our in-home service is $199. Vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants can be added to your hydration drip for an additional $20 per piece.


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